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Choosing a cemetery

Cemetery selection is the first step in traditional burial plans. It should include an evaluation of the cemetery’s physical attributes from the perspective of those you will leave behind, because a cemetery is for the living.

Consider its beauty, appearance and upkeep. Does it have an air of permanence suggesting proper administration and maintenance, adequate lot selections and space to accommodate future generations?

Mount Pleasant Cemetery is operated under the direction of the nonprofit Mount Pleasant Cemetery Corporation. Maintenance is performed April through November on the nearly 13-acre site.


Gardens and urns of both annual and perennial flowers are planted every year.

Consider a cemetery’s history, too.

Mount Pleasant Cemetery is steeped in it. Within it are ancient shipbuilders, scholars, Revolutionary War soldiers, Medal of Honor winners, sea captains by the dozens, businessmen, farmers, and many stalwarts of local industry.

The cemetery you choose and lot you select are decisions that last forever.

Mount Pleasant Cemetery’s devotion and neighborly approach to your family’s burial needs have survived the passing of time, and offer all the amenities and due respect for the passing and bereaved.



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